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What kind of music do we play?

In short, everything. With an Irish Twang. When we started the band, we knew we had to step up the mark somehow. In a world filled with excellent musicians, we needed to stand out. So we decided to aproach the show differently and instead of going with the classic Set-List route, we decided to start taking requests instead. What we ended up with, was a repertoire of over 400 songs,  across 6 years of playing as a band. This allowed us to have a different show every night, which kept things interesting for both us and the audience, as we play through a myriad of different genres like Pop, Rock, Reggae or Country, mixing them with a healthy dose of Irish traditional songs and some humour

Who are you guys?

3 Guys with a passion for Music and Fun “Where words fail, music speaks” Unknown So just who are the Guinness Brother then? Colm is originally from County Kildare, Ireland, and has been playing the guitar and singing for over 20 years, performing in Europe and the USA. Roddy joined Colm to form The Guinness Brothers in 2012, originally playing Cajon and Singing, but later picking up the Banjo and the Mandolin. Flynn joined the band a year later, in 2013 playing the bass and singing. 3 Brothers separated at birth and later re-united, through the love of drink and music.

The Guinness Brothers

The Guinness Brothers


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Meet us in UK & Ireland!

Dates pending
We usually visit Ireland multiple times per year and the UK once per year.
Unfortunately due to ongoing covid-19 restrictions and regulations travel and hosting meetings is not as easy as it once was.

We hope to be back on the move from early 2022.

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