Are you newly engaged over the festive period?


It’s a very popular time of the year indeed for marriage proposals. From the ring sitting on the tree, to opening up an extra special gift on Christmas morning, maybe a surprise engagement ring hiding in the Christmas pudding. These are just some of the wonderful proposal ideas that come to mind with a Christmas engagement.

If you have been waiting for the sparkly surprise and are feeling a bit bummed that it didn’t come your way this Christmas, then never fear, New Years is also a very popular time chosen to pop the big question. So for those who have been waiting, we hope tomorrow has in store for you that special proposal.

Once engaged, where on Earth do we start?

Once you are happily engaged, the thoughts then of getting married can sometimes become a little overwhelming: Do we want to get married soon, give it a year or two? Are we getting married at home? Do we want to get married abroad?

And those are just the thoughts in your own head(s), don’t even get us started on all the friends and family who suddenly each have their own idea and preference on when and where you special day should be taking place.

What’s our advice?

As wedding planners who have been in the Wedding industry for many years, we try our best to help couples navigate through these first few weeks of happiness, excitement and nerves.

The first piece of advice for me personally would be, breathe, just relax and enjoy that amazing and unique feeling of the person you want to spend the rest of your life with having put themselves on the line for you. Even if just for one day!

Of course you are going to be very excited and probably start looking in to ideas right away, but don’t make any snap decisions. If you think you’d like a Wedding abroad, for example, think of what the most important reasons that you’d like this are for you.

If you want to get married abroad because you love a rustic vibe, or because you love Mediteranean food, try and keep those wishes close to your heart through the researching stages. Although you will ultimately probably worry about your guests’ food preferences as well, it’s important that the day is special for the two of you above all else.

Where to start?

Well, as you may assume from the name “Bespoke Weddings Spain“, we can only help you with Weddings in Spain.

We have put together some sample complete Wedding packages, which from our experience give you a good overall budget idea for getting married on the Costa del Sol. We are fully aware that there are many budget package options available in the surrounding area, but from our extensive experience, we feel the package we created gives you a realistic costing guideline and avoids too many additional costs being added along the way.

We’re also hear and happy to help with any questions and queries that you may have at the start of your Wedding planning journey. No questions is too small or too silly, be sure we’ve heard (almost) all of them before!

For more information about any of our venues listed here on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us.