There’s a lot of worry about the Covid-19/Coronavirus at the moment. The media are running with it and increasing worry and panic of people around the World.

After a couple of our confirmed couples questioning us about the risks of getting married here in Spain, we have decided to put together a post sharing some facts:

Let’s start with how many people have this virus right now?

Around 80,000. That sounds like a huge amount, however around 77,000 of these people are in China, which is a staggering 96% of the total affected. So unless you are travelling from China to get married here in Spain, your risk is already dramatically less.

What happens if you are unlucky enough to catch Coronavirus?

Over 80% of cases of the virus are mild, and 14% are moderate which means they are full recoverable. Even if you are unlucky enough to be in the 5% of critical cases, the Covid-19 virus has only a 2% mortality rate. This mortality rate drops considerably also depending on your age, if you are under 50, the mortality rate is under 0.2%.

Covid-19 on the Costa del Sol

At the moment (correct as of 02/03/20) there are 6 confirmed cases of Coronavirus here in Andalucia. 3 in Fuengirola and 3 in Marbella. The infected persons are being monitored at home, with just one of them being in hospital in Sevilla. None of these cases have been reported as being critical and there have been no deaths in the area from this virus.

Let’s put this in to simple terms:

If you are under 50 and not living in China, then you are actually much more likely to win the lottery, which is a 1 in 45,000,000 chance than you are of actually dying from the Covid-19 virus.

If you’re still worried:

The best preventation to catching this virus is washing your hands. Your risk of catching the virus is not heightened by travelling.

In this day and age, millions of people travel daily, you are as likely to catch this virus in your hometown as you are in any other European city.

Stats from Sur in English and Project Nightfall