As wedding planners, we work with couples who can have been planning your big day for anywhere from 30 minutes to 30 years, it can be dream in the making from the age of 5, or a spur of the moment “let’s get married”. For us, the job remains the same – try to provide easy and clear information and recommendations to suit their Wedding requirements.

With this in mind, and many years experience in Weddings in Spain, we put together our complete Wedding packages, that help give couple a clear and concise price guide and includes all of the essentials, as well as some extras that we strongly recommend. Even so, there’s never going to be one stop package solution for all Wedding planning – Everyone is going to have their priorities when it comes to what they want and don’t want, we are aware of this and very flexible in creating personalised packages for each and every couple.

We also know that brides and grooms are keen to find out what we’ve had and done and past weddings, what’s worked well and perhaps what’s not worked so well. With this in mind, we took to our group of past brides and asked them, which addition (from the Bespoke Wedding Package) worked best for them. The results were very clear: 44% enjoyed the pre-Wedding ceremony drinks, closely followed by nearly 30% suggesting photo and video upgrades. Other extras included in the polling with varied results were: LED dancefloor, Light up letters, balloons, mojito station, photobooth and Wedding cake upgrades.

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