Visiting the Costa del Sol, whether it’s for a Wedding, anniversary or just a family holiday, it’s a brilliant choice of destination.

Of course we have lots of beautiful beaches, great parks with free entrance, including the very popular Paloma Park in Benalmadena that has lots of bunnies, chickens and other wildlife inside. When it comes to days out or visiting the local attractions though, we’d liket o help you make sure you get the best value for money.

As some may have noticed on our facebook last week, my daughter was unwell with a fever recently and until yesterday still wasn’t 100% so being the busy bee I am, I’ve been suffering huge symtoms of cabin fever and this weekend just wanted to get out and about again.

Living in such a fantastic place with beach days so easy, it’s maybe not surprising that we don’t regularly visit many of the local attractions. This weekend though, we did two in two days and I thought I’d share my feedback for anyone soon to be visiting Malaga or Benalmadena in particular:

Sealife Benalmadena

First up, on Saturday afternoon was Sealife in Benalmadena.

This place is less than 15 minutes away from my house, and I had never before been so I was excited to see what it had to offer! It’s a really lovely afternoon out for children, with starfish, sharks, plenty of fish and one very large turtle. I paid entrance on the door, and as my daughter is under 2 she went free so I didn’t find it bad value at all. I did however see afterwards that the cafes nearby (in Benalmadena Marina) had discount flyers so if you’re planning to visit I’d say to have a wander along beforehand. For writing this post I’ve also done a bit of further research and found you can also get great discounts for days out if you book in advance on the Sealife Benalmadena website.

Savings available of up to 35%!


On Sunday, as it was very warm but not as sunny as it had been, we seized the day and headed to the water park. (While it’s a little cloudy it stops the sun scorching the ground and makes it much easier to walk around!)

AquaMijas is the smaller of the area’s two aqua parks is located by the main motorway inbetween Fuengirola town centre and Mijas Costa. There is a direct bus here from Fuengirola and it is really easily accessible by car and even train.

While the Aqualand in Torremolinos has much bigger rides, I’d safely say AquaMijas is still a brilliant day out for families with children of any age. We took our daughter who again went free as she’s under two, along with our 6 year old twin nieces.

I think it’s fair to say that when they give the entrance free for under 2s, they sure don’t expect them to have quite as much fun as our daughter did!

I had a discount voucher for AquaMijas from Lidl supermarket, it’s a 20€ flyer that gives 5€ discount for up to 4 persons.

On visiting the AquaMijas website though, there are also great deals available there. Especially for 2 day passes and local residents.